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                Chinese | English
                Taian City Blue Sky Auxiliaries Co.,ltd.

                Company Profile

                Taian City Blue Sky Auxiliaries Co.,ltd. As a professional developer and manufacturer of PVC non-toxic heat stabilizer

                Taian City Blue Sky Auxiliaries Co.,ltd. As a professional developer and manufacturer of PVC non-toxic heat stabilizer,the company is mainly engaged in the development,production and marketing of PVC auxiliaries.Through 15 years of development,the company has been growing stronger.In the meantime,we are certified to ISO9001/2004 . The company has been cooperated with China Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Tianjin University of Technology, Qufu Normal University, Shandong Chemical Industry Research Institute…

                Product advantages

                3 major advantages

                The company pursues the development concept of excellence and enhances the company's market competitiveness through the joint efforts of all employees.

                Authoritative industry certification

                The company integrates production, study and research into one, and actively establishes cooperative relations with well-known domestic

                Strong research and development strength

                The company adheres to the strategy of differentiated management development and vigorously promotes the management of Nissin

                Stable brand image

                The company always implements the development concept of combining technology and market to meet the needs of the market and customers.



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                Tel:+86 532 85762811       Fax:   +86 538 8158867        Email: export@bcsydz.com
                Website: www.bcsydz.com      Address: Dawenkou Gypsum Industrial Park,Daiyue Zone,Taian City,Shandong Prov,China